Sunday, April 3, 2011

My New Toy

as many of you already know
The Memory Garden
closed back in January and I was able
to purchese this from Yolanda..

I am truly BLESSED.
Thank God and Yolanda
I know if she had sold it some where else she
could have gotten MUCH more money.
also to my special friend who helped.
(you know who you are)  <3

ROSE (owl punch)

all this cuts were made with Stampin up Punches

cut off the legs and snip between the 2 ears creating a 
little flap.

curl the bottom part of ur owl

grab the (flaps) were you sniped
and add some glue

add glue to circle

add your first 5 petals
let it stand for about 2  min.

this is what it looks like once your finish with your flower

Baby Shower Invitations

I made this for Accucut challange
but then one of my friend saw them and
had to have them for her Baby Shower. :)

The die cut i used for this invitation
was the envelope pocket (accucut)

the last 2 are a litttle difrent they were made using
A2 card-pocket #1 (accucut)