Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthdya to me!!!!

I got an early birhtday gift.. yeah me
THANKS FRIEND..(  u know who u are)


Lolis said...

What a great gift! You deserve it. Congratulations!

Ayde said...

THANKS LOLLIS... I had been looking for this cart. AND one of my BFF found it .. she even put it in a gift bag..lol!! my birthday is not until the end of SEPTEMBER.. but i must say she did make me cry.. it feals good when u know people love u.

Adriana said...

You so deserve it and I am sure she loves you like a sister:) Congrats! See what you can whip and share:)

Isela said...

Hey girl I have typed up this message five times and it will not post.

I agree with the girls you so deserve it and I hope you will enjoy it.

So get crack a lackin and see what new stuff you can whip up for us. Take care girl:)