Sunday, October 10, 2010

Abby Caddaby (Arellys)

I made the invites with my cricut

many layers!!!

Order stamp with her name

many invites

bubbles and clay with her name

centerpices Mommy and Grandma worked
relly hard on them

money box. sandra put the left over invites on the
box and on the kids table centerpice.

coloring books


candy  favors




Lolis said...

How beautiful!! Love everything, the invites are gorgeous! The centerpieces! Everything!

TwoAggies said...

Wow!!!! Everything looked so awesome!
Angela :)

Adriana said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Ayde you did a wonderful job with this whole party:) Always impressed;)

Ayde said...

thanks friends..

memory garden scrapbook shoppe said...

I had no idea how much you all were doing for this party...but I shouldn't be surprised. Nothing but the best for Arellys. You're a wonderful aunt. Everything looks awesome.